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How to register on the site

There are 4 different methods that you can use in order to register on the website. And nothing could be simpler than registering at 1xbet. You can register an account in one of the following ways:

  1. One-click registration. All you need to do here is just select your country of origin and your currency. And then you can sign up instantly.
  2. Registration by phone number. If you write your phone number you will get a message from the website. The message will contain a code that you will need to write. This is all it takes to get registered in this way.
  3. By e-mail. If you wish to register an account by e-mail – then you will need to write some information about yourself, like your first and last name, country of origin and preferred currency.
  4. Through social networks and messengers. You can also sign up in this way – it’s very simple and easy to do so.

If you pick any of these ways – you will be able to get registered immediately. And then you can proceed with using the website’s services.


1xbet offers many different promotions and bonuses that you can use. And there are bonuses both for the sports section and for the casino section as well. So, you will find some more information about the biggest bonuses at 1xbet below.

  1. 100% match bonus. If you make a single deposit, then you will get it matched by the bookie. If you want to make the most of it, then you can deposit up to 100 euros in this way. You will get 100 euros in return for free – this is money that you can use either at the sports betting section or at the casino section.
  2. Accumulator battle. The person that bets the most money on the accumulators will win a car – this is a monthly bonus game. The more money you place as bets on the accumulators, the bigger the odds of you winning a car. But if you reach the first few places, you will still get rewards. The player that gets the second place gets an iPhone X. The person in the third place gets a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. And so on.
  3. VIP cashback bonus. The more you play, the bigger the cashback. You will be able to enter a VIP loyalty program and start at copper level. With time you will be able to improve your level and get bigger cashback bonuses.
  4. Win prizes by playing your favorite games. There is a wide selection of games that you can play and that can help you win some nice bonuses at that. The more you bet, the bigger the bonus that you will get.

This is only a part of what the bonus offer at 1xbet is all about. We suggest that you go and visit the promotions and bonus tabs on the website in order to learn more about all the bonuses that you can benefit from.

Bonus Terms

To be fair, there are also terms and conditions that you must obey if you are to use the bonus offers to their limits. And many people are feeling too lazy to go and read text documents that consist of many pages. So, we have boiled down the bonus terms and conditions for you for the bonus offers from above.

  1. If you wish to get a deposit match bonus of 100 EUR, then you will need to first deposit 100 EUR yourself. The deposit bonus will automatically be given to you after you have made this deposit. One person can only use this bonus once. Finally, you will have to wager the full amount of the bonus five times over in order for the funds to be released.
  2. The accumulator battle bonus will give you bonus points depending on the size of your bets. The formula for the points is as follows: (number of events in the accumulator bet * overall odds) + stake amount /100. There is a leaderboard that will keep track of the players with the most points. The number of bets that you can place is unlimited.
  3. When it comes to the VIP cashback program, there are eight different levels where you can be at as a player. All players, as mentioned before, begin at the copper level and work their way up from there. The bigger the bets that you place, the higher up you will climb on the ladder and the bigger the cashback bonus you will get. It’s as simple as that.
  4. The win prizes by playing your favorite games bonus doesn’t apply to the following games: 21 online, Roulette, Pachinko, PF Dice, PF Roulette. And the list of the games that are related to this bonus offer can be changed at any time by the bookie. If you’re the winner of the tournament will be the leading name on the leaderboard and win the corresponding prizes.

Granted, there are other elements of the bonus terms and conditions. We suggest that, if you’re interested in using any of the bonus offers to the fullest extent, you should read the terms and conditions yourself.


Is the site legal?

1xbet is a Russian based sports bookie and a casino. This means that its services are available primarily in Russia and in the former Soviet republics. This may be a cause for concern for some of the players as we may imagine that Russia isn’t a country that inspires confidence when it comes to the legality of the website. However, there are many other countries that feature the services of 1xbet. So, you shouldn’t be concerned with the legality of the website. All you need to do is see if this online bookie and casino is legal in your country and begin playing if it is.

Are there any promotional codes I can use?

There are indeed promotional codes that you can use – but you can only use them when you’re creating your account. You will need to write the code in the designated place for it to be redeemed. And as far as where you can get these codes – we suggest that you use the internet for your service.

How can I withdraw my money?

Most people will be concerned with this question – and it’s completely normal. Well, there are several different ways in which you can withdraw your winnings from 1xbet. We will give you a bit more in-depth analysis of this question below.

Are there many sports and fun games that I can bet on?

Well, 1xbet is one of the biggest names in gambling and sports betting and it goes without saying that you will have a wide selection of sports and games that you can bet on. Be sure to check the entire list of the games that you can play and sports you can place bets right on the website.

Promotions for existing players

The VIP cashback bonus, the accumulator battle bonus, and the daily win prize by playing your favorite games are all bonuses and promotions for the existing players. The only bonus that’s reserved for new players is the first deposit match bonus. But 1xbet understands the importance of the current players and they value this category of players deeply. So, be on the lookout for some new and exciting bonuses that you can get as an existing player. Be sure to check the promotions and bonus tabs for up and coming sports betting and casino bonuses.

Is 1xbet a good platform to bet on?


We think that everyone will easily be able to find their way on the website. This is not as complicated as some people seem to think. Sure, it’s a sports betting website at the forefront – so it may seem confusing at first to some of you. There will be lists of events that you can bet on. Moreover, there are different tabs that you can click – for example, the promotions tab, casino games tab, sports betting tabs, etc. Overall, the website has a neat design that’s easy to understand.

Games and sports

There is a wide variety of games and sports at 1xbet. To be fair, you can’t really expect anything less from a top-tier bookie. So, some of the sports that you can bet on here are football, basketball, table tennis, athletics, baseball, beach volleyball, and a number of others. As for the casino games, you can play various slots, roulette, blackjack, 21, and many other games.


The odds that you will get for various event outcomes are pretty high at 1xbet. But even if you suspect that this isn’t the case – you’re free to try out some of the free odds comparison software that you can find online. You will see that 1xbet ranks pretty high when it comes to the sports events odds. And as for the casino games – the rules are pretty much standardized here. You will be able to find more or less the same odds for winning that you will be able to find elsewhere in the top online casinos.

Banking options


We were pleasantly surprised to see the vast number of methods that you can use for making deposits at 1xbet. There’s the usual method of depositing through bank cards. There are e-wallets and there are payment systems as well. Their number ranges in the dozens. You can even pay in cash. The vast majority of the deposits that you will make are processed instantly, so you won’t have to wait to play. And there are no deposit fees for most methods.


There are slightly fewer withdrawal methods when you compare them to the deposit methods. However, there are still many of them. The e-wallets and the bank cards are readily available and so are the payment systems. Most of the withdrawal methods don’t charge you any fees – and the best thing about this is that you will only need to wait for 15 minutes before your money is processed.

Customer support

The customer support team at 1xbet is solid. You can contact the team in various different ways. You can write them a message directly on the website – if you provide an email address then they will get back to you shortly. You can write them an email or find them on Twitter and WhatsApp. Finally, you can use the good old-fashioned way of calling them directly on the phone. The lack of a live chat option is our pet peeve – but we believe that most of you won’t even care about this.



The 1xbet app can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices. Both of these versions follow the layout of the main website so you shouldn’t have any difficulties in finding your way around them.  There are a few additional games that you can play on the app that you can’t play otherwise. The entire experience on the app will be smooth – provided you have a solid model of smartphone. Otherwise, it could lag and occasionally crash.

Mobile website

It goes without saying that the main website is also optimized for smartphones. You won’t have any problems playing your favorite gambling games and betting on your favorite sports even if you don’t download the app on your smartphone. Be sure to check the mobile website out.


Sports betting has gained traction in new times. Especially with the advent of the internet – millions of people have started betting on sports online. At the same time, there are many online casinos where you can gamble. That being said, there are a number of bookies whose services you can begin to use. It’s always a good thing to have a choice when it comes to selecting. Well, today you will be learning more about one of these online sports and casino bookies. What we have in store for you is a review of 1xbet – a sports betting bookie and an online casino. Below you will find some more information about what kinds of promotions you can find there and other useful tidbits.

The 1xbet bookie and online casino has made a name for itself, originally in Eastern Europe. However, it’s time for expansion. We only expect that 1xbet will expand in many other countries all around the world. As for the services that it offers – they are truly top notch.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

  1. If you sign up at Ladbrokes, then you will be able to get a bonus of up to 50 pounds. Moreover, there is a wide selection of sports that you can bet on.
  2. Horseracing fans should definitely visit the Betamerica website – its specialty is horseracing. Be sure to check the bonuses – Unibet is known for its generosity in this sense.
  3. This is arguably the king in the field of sports betting. You will find many sports that you can bet on and top-notch live streaming. Be sure to check it out.

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