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On 2nd February 2020, the NFL will mark the 54th super bowl challenge, download now the BetMGM Mobile App and be Ready !. Two teams, Kansas City Chiefs from AFC league will play San Francisco 49ers from the NFC league. This year’s super bowl is expected to be the biggest ever in a century and pundits are already making their predictions a few days to kick-off. BetMGM has the numbers already on its platform and bettors are scrambling for the best money lines on offer at present. Many things can sway the outcome of the game, but that is left for the players to decide when they go ham at each other. 

The two teams play sharply contrasting games. San Francisco is largely a defensive team while KC has shown a great spirit in the offensive. So, let’s start by taking a look at what BetMGM has to offer new customers looking for play super bowl for the first time on their platform. You can read our full BetMGM Review here.

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BetMGM Super Bowl Review

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BETMGM New Customer welcome bonus offers

Players looking to take advantage of early money in the super bowl can start comparing early sportsbooks offers.  Here you can find our BetMGM Bonus code. With more than 90 percent of the action set to take place 48 hours before kick-off, punters are anticipating the best offers in overs/unders lines which pundits predict will increase in a few days leading to kick off. When we checked BetMGM, we noted that it gives first-time players a welcome bonus of $500. The condition for using this bonus is that players must signup, deposit and wager at least $10. Betters will then have their account credit with $500 in free bets provided a losing bet has been settled. 

Advantages players can start shopping for the best odds lines in super bowl props and use the bonus to increase the winning chances. But the question everyone is asking right now is what would happen if 49ers fall behind KC? Of course, that would change the game plan and based on the odds at BetMGM, going for t5he unders look like the best prop value for the advantage player. That brings us to super bowl predictions and opening odds lines the sportsbook offers before kick-off. 

Super bowl prediction and odds

On the books, super bowl odds look pretty attractive even for the average punter. But for an NFL enthusiast, betting against Kansas City Chiefs looks like the biggest risk anyone would want to take going into the final days before super bowl before kick-off. Here are our predictions and odds for the game.

Why Kansas City Chiefs will win

After KC was crowned winners of AFC championships, they are coming into the super bowl as the biggest favorites. It is a feat they have achieved after a five-decade-long wait. The big question is after an incredible postseason, will they beat 49ers at odds 1.80 on BetMGM? Don’t forget that the opponents beat Green Bay in a resounding victory of 37-20 in their last game. But even at that, most bookmarkers gave the Chiefs point lead gap as soon as they qualified for the super bowl. On BetMGM, the recent money line odds for 49ers stand at 2.19, thus, if we look at reasons why would lose to the chiefs, here are the reasons:

  • A dislocated kneecap may have slowed Patrick Mahomes tempo in 2019 compared to his incredible run in 2018 but only for a few weeks.  His runs during the regular NFL season of up to 4.031 in a ratio of 26:5 (TD-to-INT) made him the best quarterback of the season. Mahomes’ postseason run has equally been impressive, especially in the playoff against Houston, amassing a stellar performance of 95.5. In each game, he covered 53 yards and completed 66 percent of his passes. 
  • The chiefs now have one of the best firepower in the NFL, something that Mahomes has counted on to realize his incredible run during the regular and post NFL season. They have had one of the best offensives in the league led by players like Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, and Travis Kelce
  • Kansas City Chiefs has a great offensive line, something that will need to counter 49ers high pass rush. They had the third-fewest sacks in the regular season only at 25, and with their elusive quarterback in Mahomes, they have what it takes to avoid high pressing 49ers. 
  • With the help of Steve Spagnuolo, KC has seen their defense improve tremendously in the last season. It is something they can count on going into the super bowl.  From being ranked 31st in 2018 to 8th best defense in 2019, they allowed the fewest points this season. 

Why 49ers will win

While 49ers may not have a very experienced coach in Kyle Shanahan, with only 50 games to his name, winning NFC leagues means they are not a team to wish away. They have shown incredible performance in the regular season, thanks to making some of the greatest runs in the league. They have a chance if they go into the super bowl with an intention of keeping the ball away from the Chiefs. Here are more reasons why they could lift the super bowl trophy at odds 2.19 according to BetMGM:

  • They have a rushing attack led by Raheem Mostert, Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman, players who have been very effective in different formations.
  • Despite finishing 17th in defensive rating, their offensive line has come against some of the best opponents such as Ravens, Saints, and Seahawk. 
  • An experienced super bowler in Richard Sherman means 49ers have someone to tackle KC Mahomes. 
  • Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers coach has had an incredible run this season, something that will play significance in the super bowl. His experience at Falcons as an offensive coordinator will contribute to their chances of winning the super bowl.

BetMGM Super Bowl Odds

Money Line Handicap/spread Winning Margin (1-6) Team to score the first touchdown  Total touchdowns ( over/under 2.5)
49ers 2.19 +1.5 1.91 4.25 1.85 1.66, 2.25
Chiefs 1.80 -1.5 1.91 4.10 1.83 1.61, 2.35

Final Verdict

The most anticipated super bowl tournament is here but considering many factors explored above, KC looks like the favorites on BetMGM books at -1.5 1.91 for the handicap spread. For 49eors to win and lift their sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy at +1.5 1.91, how they plan the game matters. They will be going up against a team that has the winning moment and coached by the sixth-best NFL coach. With more than 221 wins, it is no brainer that Andy Reid is the favorite to beat Kyle Shanahan. Quarterback Mahomes will play significance notwithstanding. 

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