Tennessee Online Sports Betting 2024

Tennessee is one of many states within the USA that has now fully legalized online sports betting, which means that this will be a hot new market in the near future! You can read all about this topic right here.

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Current betting sites

There are currently no operational sports betting sites in Tennessee as of yet, much to the frustration of many sports bettors located in the Volunteer State. This isn’t entirely a surprise – sports betting was only legalized last year, and as we all know, it’s one thing getting sports betting legalized, but it’s a whole other beast to get past all the terms and conditions.

Based on what we’ve seen across the news and from the governors of Tennessee, the first TN sportsbooks emerged towards the end of summer 2020. If this deadline isn’t quite hit, we would be amazed if the first sports sites weren’t online and fully functional before Christmas. There is simply too much pressure and demand for all of this to be ironed out by residents of Tennessee, not to mention the huge weight of the betting providers themselves.

With all of this said, we will certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for further announcements concerning the first site launch.

Planned launches

Since there are no live betting sites as of yet, we can only make predictions for who the more likely sports betting providers are to enter the TN market. We do have a shortlist of potential brands, and we’ve put them into this list for reasons that are explained below.

FanDuel – Not Live Yet  in Tennessee

Regarding the legalization of sports betting in general, FanDuel has played a major part. Combined with other sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel was very vocal and intentional when New Jersey first made the push to approve sports betting. We are confident that FanDuel wouldn’t make that much noise unless they were planning on taking the USA market by storm, so they are strong contenders for a TN based sportsbook in 2024.

Caesars – Not Live Yet  in Tennessee

Caesars is often associated with casino games, as well as the gigantic Caesar’s Palace out in Vegas. This brand has a budget like no other, not to mention that they are one of the most well-known betting brands in the nation. Caesars actually has legal sportsbooks set up in many other states, so it would certainly seem that they are pushing for more than just Las Vegas dominance.

William Hill – Not Live Yet  in Tennessee

William Hill is popping up all over the place these days, and they’ve already proven that they can crack the USA market by their successful sportsbook in New Jersey and other states. This brand is also highly active in the state that is often referred to as the home of all gambling – Nevada. When we consider these factors, William Hill just has to be one of the most probably bookmakers to open up in Tennessee.

TN casinos with sportsbooks

This is something that you simply won’t find anywhere in Tennessee, mainly for legal reasons. When the state passed the bill for sports betting, it was specifically stated that only mobile and online betting would be permitted. This, of course, doesn’t cover the realm of physical sportsbook betting, so sadly, it is just not possible to walk into any physical casino and bet on sports.

As of right now, it’s quite hard to predict whether this legislation will change in any way to allow for physical sportsbooks to come to fruition. We would sincerely hope that the law does change to allow this, as while online sports betting is quick and convenient, there’s just something about doing it from a physical sportsbook that really gets the blood pumping!

Sports betting legality in Tennessee

Sports betting for residents of Tennessee was approved last year in 2019, but it was approved with a very unique characteristic – only online sports bets would be permitted. This means that Tennessee is actually the only state in the whole country where this is the case, as usually when sports betting has been approved, it has been for both online and physical locations. We’re not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, as it’s just the fact of the TN market right now.

While sports betting has already been approved, there’s a bit of a stalemate going on right now that is frustrating plenty of sports bettors. Technically speaking, sports betting has been legalized, but it isn’t legal yet to make a sports wager. So basically, a sportsbook could offer betting markets, but nobody would be able to take advantage of them and make a bet!

It was actually Governor Bill Lee who oversaw the sports betting bill being passed, and even this was done in a non-traditional way. He didn’t even sign a piece of paper to indicate his approval – he just had it passed. As far as we know, only Tennessee has legalized sports betting in this manner.

Now that we all know the situation of sports betting in Tennessee, we would hope to see sports betting become fully legalized over the next few months. Once it’s possible for players to actually make sports bets, we would think that the first few TN sportsbooks would appear within weeks.

What are the main laws for sports betting in TN?

Even though the full sports betting approval hasn’t come through yet, all of the major laws have still been made publicly available. We have shown these laws for you here, and it’s extremely important to understand these to fully comprehend what sports betting in Tennessee will entail.

  • Geolocation

With the nature of online betting, it’s perfectly normal that you might make bets from multiple locations. This is especially true if you are betting via a mobile app, which is where geolocation comes into play. When you try to place a sports wager, the app will do an automatic check to see that you are actually in Tennessee. This is because it is the law that you must bet from within TN borders.

  • Sports betting age

You absolutely have to be over the age of 21 to place any real money sports wagers in this state. There is no flexibility with this at all, and when you provide your date of birth during the standard registration process for any site, this will be checked.

  • Taxation

Taxation in this sense applies to the betting services provider rather than the sports bettor, although your own individual profits from sports betting are still subject to income tax. From the bookmakers’ perspective, however, the taxation rate is set at 20%, which is another reason that the TN sports betting market will appeal to many brands. This is a much lower rate than what we’ve seen with other states.

  • Betting license

For any sportsbook to legally provide betting services, they will need to pay an annual fee of $750,000. Again, if you compare this to what is required in other states, this is an absolute bargain. Take a state like Illinois for example – providers are staring at a $20 million price tag in the face to operate in that market.

  • Purchase requirements for in-play betting services

It would seem that live betting is another potential hurdle for Tennessee, as right now it appears that sportsbooks will need to purchase data from professional leagues such as the NBA or NFL. Only after they have purchased this data will they then be able to offer in-play markets, but we are not too sure how streamlined this process will be.

  • Prohibited sports

We haven’t seen too much information concerning prohibited sports with the TN sports betting laws, but we have seen a particular betting type that has been prohibited. This is closely related to the previous law, as in-play betting for college sports is expected to be prohibited in Tennessee, at least in the initial stages.

On top of this, we firmly expect that high school sports betting will be banned, as it is in all other states where sports betting is allowed. Another gray area is esports betting, but Tennessee hasn’t announced anything on this yet.

More info on the TN sports betting market, and how it functions

Popular sports/leagues to bet on in Tennessee

We firmly expect that Tennessee sportsbooks will cover the vast majority of sports and leagues in North America. This includes the likes of MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA events, plus other sports such as European soccer and global tennis events.

These are the leagues that we would expect to be quite common regardless of the sportsbook that you choose. However, each individual sportsbook will have alternative sports to bet on too. This could include UFC, golf, horse racing, boxing, plus other sports that aren’t quite in the limelight so to speak.

Are any sports banned?

We’ve briefly touched on this topic earlier, but let’s go into a bit more detail. Many things are still up in the air concerning sports that could potentially be banned, but we can 100% confirm that high school competitions will be prohibited. This is just standard across the USA, and TN will be no different. We have a few predictions for other sporting events too, however, as identified here.

  • Esports

Esports is a massive gray area right now, and as far as we know, it is only Nevada that has permitted esports betting up to this point. All of the other states have kept esports as a restricted market, so in the early launch stages, we would definitely think that esports would be prohibited. As esports becomes more regulated, however, this could change over the coming years.

  • TN based college sports

The law has already stated that college sports betting will be allowed in Tennessee, with the exception of in-play betting markets unless rights are purchased. Although college sports will be open for players to bet on, we would anticipate that if the college involved in the event is based in TN, these markets will be closed. This has become increasingly common with other states, as there appears to be concern about tampering with the result through leveraging personal connections.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that this sort of stuff would take place, but it’s not unheard of. For this reason, we’d think that Tennessee won’t be taking any chances, and will likely restrict this initially.

Main sports bets

Once the TN sportsbooks become available, we would expect players to be able to access several different types of bets. We’ve identified these bets below.

  • Tournament outright

You’ve probably guessed it already, but this betting type allows you to place a wager on a team or an individual to win a particular event. For example, you may choose to bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA trophy before the season even begins. You can usually place tournament outright bets well in advance, and you could even have cash-out options from making these bets.

  • Moneyline

Moneyline bets are the most simple of them all, as you can bet on who you think will win a particular game/match. These are typically presented as 1×2, where 1 is for the home team to win, x is for a draw, and 2 is for the away team to win. This is a rather straightforward bet to make, and if your chosen team wins or the game ends in a draw and you’ve backed this outcome, you’ll win the bet.

  • Over/Under

Over/under markets are generally tailored to a certain scoring system or individual factors of a game. Take soccer for example – you could bet that a game will have more than or less than 2.5 goals, or you could bet that a team will have more than or less than 7.5 shots on target. Over/under bets are usually available for a whole scope of sports, so it’s highly likely that TN sportsbooks will have these bets on offer.

  • Spread

Spread betting is sometimes referred to as handicap betting, and it’s a little different from the other bets on this list. With spread bets, you are betting that a game will end with a certain ‘spread’ in favor of one team or the other. For example, you could bet that Roger Federer will beat Rafael Nadal by a spread of -1.5 sets – this means that he would need to win by 2-0 in sets for your bet to win.

  • Totals

Totals bets can be made for a bunch of different markets. They can be made for total points, goals, 3-point shots made, anything really! These markets are always decided on what the statistics say at the end of a game, although it is possible to win your bet before the game has concluded, of course. For example, if you bet that a game between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors would have a total of more than 100 points scored, and by the 4th quarter the score is 65-60 – you’ve already won the bet.

Registering with a Tennessee sportsbook

To do this, you will always be required to sign up directly from a sportsbooks mobile app or desktop platform. This is just standard in order to open an account with any online betting site, and it’s rarely a strenuous process. Just visit the sportsbook you’d like to register with, give a few personal details about your age and address, and then you should be all set.

Once you’ve provided these details and your account is open, you can enjoy the full range of sports markets that a site has. We would advise that once you’ve created an account with any betting platform, you try to verify your account as soon as you can. This will prevent any unwanted account restrictions and it can even result in withdrawals being processed quicker – always a bonus!

How to place a wager in a casino

You can place a wager in a range of different physical casinos in Tennessee, however, there are no legal sportsbooks where you can go and do this. As you’ve now learned through this article, sports betting is only available from an online platform. This means that you can still go ahead and bet on casino games like roulette or blackjack for example, but you won’t find sportsbooks at any physical location.

Betting online and via mobile

There are two main elements that you need to become familiar with for sports betting from mobile platforms, and desktop platforms alike. Firstly, you have to become aware of what payment methods are accepted with your chosen sportsbook and how you can fund your account. Usually, there will be a section labeled ‘deposit’ after you’ve signed in, and here is where you can deposit an amount of your choice.

Once you’ve funded your betting account, it’s then important that you understand how to work the sportsbook. Usually, a sportsbook will show what sporting events you can bet on from a list somewhere on the platform. By clicking on any of these sports, you’ll then see what markets are available. These are typically shown just like a physical sportsbook has them.

From here you can simply pick a betting market that you feel is suitable for a wager, and by clicking that market, your bet should appear in a ‘betslip’. On this betslip, you can enter your desired stake and then get the wager placed. Some of the top sportsbooks will also give you options to cash out these bets, so it’s worth checking out whether this is available with the TN sportsbook that you sign up with.

FAQs – 2024 sportsbooks Tennessee

Will TN sportsbooks have video streaming services?

There is nothing to suggest that streaming services will be prohibited in Tennessee yet, so we don’t have any reason to believe that these services wouldn’t be available. With that said, it all depends on the individual sportsbooks whether they implement video streaming options or not.

What if I open an account in Tennessee but then want to make a sports bet while out of state?

If you attempt to make a sports wager from outside Tennessee borders, the wager will simply be blocked by your sportsbook. It is the law that sports wagers for TN based sportsbooks cannot be made from out of state, and each site will use geolocation software to check this. Do be warned, if you try to do this too many times a sportsbook may restrict your account or worse – block it.

Will these sportsbooks have customer support agents in place?

Absolutely, once a sportsbook is launched there is always some kind of support system in place. These options can range from social media support, live chat widgets, email support links, and sometimes toll-free telephone assistance. Sportsbooks will show what support methods are available from the main homepage, so you can always refer to that if you are unsure.

How quickly should sportsbooks credit winnings to my account?

It is fairly normal for sportsbooks to credit winnings to your account within minutes of the sporting event concluding. The only exception would be if the sporting event is under investigation for any reason, but this is extremely rare. Most of the time, if you win a bet the money will appear in your bank balance almost immediately.

In some cases, if you are fortunate enough to land a big win, the site may take a little longer to payout. This is because it’s common practice for sportsbooks to hold users’ money in third party bank accounts for protection, so if you do have a large win, they will need to pull the money from a third party account to pay you the winnings.

last update : May 2024