Michigan Online Sports Betting 2024

When Michigan State does things, they seem to do it big! sports betting was passed on all accounts in December of 2019, with retail and online sports betting now fully permitted state-wide. There are plenty of brands looking to take advantage of this key market in 2024, and we’ve explored it all here.

Michigan Online Sportsbook

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Live MI sports betting sites 

Unfortunately, the wheels are turning rather slowly when it comes to sportsbooks making the transition online in Michigan. This isn’t down to the lack of urgency or lack of effort from the betting businesses in MI, it’s purely down to the fact that the full sports betting legislations have not yet been put into place. sports betting may have been legalized, but there are still plenty of hoops to jump through before we see any live online sportsbooks in Michigan. The Four Winds Casino promo code is one of the latest.

Planned Michigan launches

There may be no live sports betting sites in Michigan yet, but there is some incredible competition taking place concerning who will get their first. We have reason to believe that there are five major brands looking to get online in Michigan right now, and one thing is for sure, none of them want to lose!

Fox Bet – Not live yet in Michigan

Fox Bet is the first of several brands that have made a move to take advantage of what is known as ‘tribal deals’ in Michigan. This is quite a strategic move from Fox Bet, as there are only three commercial casinos in Michigan, but there are a total of 23 tribal casinos. In order to get online in Michigan, these brands must partner with a casino that is based in the state, but the commercial casinos have already been snapped up.

It looks like Fox Bet is seizing the opportunity to partner with a tribal casino, and as speculation has it, these tribal deals could make the online transition much easier.

PointsBet – Not live yet in Michigan

PointsBet is another major brand that has already secured a deal with one of the 23 tribal casinos. Just like Fox Bet before them, PointsBet missed out on the opportunity to partner with any of the commercial casinos, so it would seem that a tribal casino partnership is the only option. Given that they have already agreed to a deal with a tribal casino, PointsBet is definitely in the running to have an online presence soon.

William Hill – Not live yet in Michigan

It seems that William Hill is attempting to enter every market possible right now, and after all, why shouldn’t they? Turtle Creek Casino is the location where William Hill expects its first physical casino to be seen, but they will undoubtedly be seeking an online sportsbook as well. Given that William Hill is taking the tribal deal route to get into the Michigan market, we have a feeling that they could be online before we know it.

DraftKings – Not live yet in Michigan

DraftKings will no doubt be seething that FanDuel has beaten them to it concerning a commercial casino deal, which means that this platform will have to secure a tribal deal to get to market. Given the recent attempts for DraftKings to expand across the nation as well as the friendly conditions for sports betting providers in Michigan, we are fairly sure that DraftKings will seal one of these deals before long.

FanDuel – Not live yet in Michigan

Motor City Casino – this was the third and final commercial casino deal open for business in Michigan, that is before FanDuel swooped in and took it. This confirmed deal guarantees that FanDuel will open a branded sportsbook at Motor City Casino, but the deal also stipulates that an online sportsbook will accompany this offering. That is great news for FanDuel, but not so much for their fierce rival, DraftKings.

Physical sportsbooks in Michigan 

There are currently three sportsbooks that have recently opened in Michigan, and by recently, we mean a matter of weeks ago. It may come as no surprise, but two of these casinos are part of the MGM brand – MGM Resorts and MGM Grand Detroit. Apart from these two, the casino Greektown has also launched a sportsbook. Each of these three casinos accepted the first legal sports bets to ever be placed in Michigan at the start of March 2020 – truly a momentous occasion.

These physical casinos are all located in Detroit, so unless you live in close proximity to the city, you will still need to wait for online sports betting to emerge. There is something particularly appealing about one of these casinos however, as they have invested 6 million dollars on the new sports bar designed specifically for those who enjoy sports betting.

This 6 million-dollar development can be found at the MGM Grand Detroit, which will no doubt attract thousands of gamblers once the full sports betting experience has been put into place.

Law changes for sports betting in Michigan

Michigan was actually one of the early adopters concerning the legalization of sports betting. They first started the push for regulations to be relaxed on sports betting back in 2015, but as we have now seen, this was a battle that would last for 4 years. It was governor Gretchen Whitmer who changed the sports betting landscape in Michigan forever when she passed the bill in December 2019.

The governor approved sports betting on all accounts through that bill, which states that retail, online, and mobile sports betting would all be legal. As a credit to the casinos that have received a sports betting license so far, they have stayed on schedule by opening their sportsbooks in March 2020. There aren’t too many other states in the USA that have been able to follow through on their sports betting promises, so Michigan has done a really good job in this respect.

In another respect, those who are waiting for online sports betting will have to be a little bit more patient. Unfortunately, regulations are still being crafted by the relevant governing authorities, and it is estimated that online sports betting will not have the full green light until 2021. That’s a rather long wait and not something that sports fans in Michigan will be welcoming with open arms.

Michigan sports betting laws 

Sports betting was only approved statewide a few months ago, so many of the laws and legislations are still being put together. There are a few laws that have already been put in place, however, and we have provided you with these details below.

  • Sports betting revenue tax rate

This is definitely one of the more favorable laws, at least from the perspective of the sportsbook providers. All sports betting revenues in Michigan will only be subject to an 8.4% tax rate, which is actually the lowest that we have seen in any other state in the USA. This will be highly attractive for potential sportsbooks to enter the market, which ultimately benefits sports betting customers as well.

  • Legal sports betting age

Michigan is following the standard betting age of 21, and that is true across the board whether players are trying to make sports bets or casino wagers. It is highly likely that sportsbooks will ask to verify member’s ages as well, so just bear this in mind when signing up in the future.

  • Additional city tax rate

This is definitely something unique in Michigan, as not only will sportsbooks need to pay the 8.4% sports betting tax, they will also need to pay the additional tax rate for the city. This isn’t particularly huge, however, as the city tax rate is just 1.25%. With that being said, if the sportsbooks start accumulating millions in sports betting revenue, 1.25% can still make a dent.

More info concerning sports betting in Michigan

Major leagues/sports with betting markets in MI

Unless the Michigan Gaming Control Board (the governing body for MI sports betting) states otherwise, we would think that all major North American leagues will be supported. This means that you should be able to find a broad scope of markets for NCAA games, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NBA regular-season and postseason games.

It’s very unlikely that just these markets will be available, which is why we also believe that golf, boxing, tennis, rugby, horse racing, UFC, and other sports could also be supported. Of course, we won’t know this for sure until the first sportsbooks make their way online. We also won’t know for sure just how extensive the betting markets may be for these sports, but time will tell.

Has MI banned any sports?

The MGCB hasn’t specifically banned any sports as of yet, but we have strong reasons to believe that there may be a couple of speed bumps for one or two events. We’ve provided further details on these below.

  • High school sports

We haven’t seen any exceptions to this law as of yet, so we would absolutely believe that high school sports will also be prohibited from any Michigan sportsbooks. There are no specific guidelines regarding why this is the case, but given that the participants in high school competitions are all under the age of 18, we would think that this is one of the major reasons.

On top of this, high school competition would be considered as amateur competition, therefore there is no official regulatory body that can monitor potential match-fixing and the sincerity of outcomes. Simply put, there are still far too many question marks hanging over high school competition for it to be listed in major sportsbooks.

  • College competition involving MI-based universities

This is an interesting one, but many states have already taken the approach to prohibit events where the participants are from a college based in that locality. While you will be able to bet on college sports in general, including major events like March Madness, you will likely not be able to bet on any Michigan based university teams. This hasn’t been set in stone as of yet, but given the potential threat of people having direct access to these teams and trying to influence the outcomes, we are inclined to say that this law could be implemented.

Supported sports bets

When you first check out a sportsbook, it can be hard to know where to begin with so many terms and odds zipping through the screens. For this reason, we have constructed a list of the main types of sports bets you may be able to place in Michigan.

  • Moneyline

A moneyline bet is where you wager on one single outcome of that game. More often than not, the moneyline markets are tied to who will win the game. Given that in sport there are two teams or individuals going up against each other, you will always have the choice to bet on one or the other. The only exception is when there is a possibility of a draw, in which case, you can still make a moneyline bet that the game will end in a draw.

  • Futures

Futures are actually really interesting markets, and the reason why is essentially given in the name. Futures markets can apply to games and competitions that will not take place for months, and given the number of variables involved in sport, you can often get quite enticing odds for futures bets. For example, you could go ahead and bet who the Super Bowl winner will be in 2023 if you were so inclined, and some of the odds would be huge for this market.

  • Tournament outright

When you make a tournament outright bet, you are literally betting on who you think will win that particular tournament. For example, you may choose to bet on Juventus to win the Champions League before the event even begins, and this will be referred to as a tournament outright bet. You can actually make tournament outright bets even after the event has begun, but the more favorable odds will always be given prior to any games being played.

  • Handicap

A handicap bet is a type of bet where your chosen team or individual will have to win by a certain number of points for you to win the bet. Let’s use basketball as a prime example. If the Cleveland Cavaliers were to play quite a weak team, you may bet on a -13.5 handicap in favor of the Cavaliers. This means that for you to win the bet, the Cavs would have to win by more than 13.5 points. You can also do the reverse too, and bet on the weaker team to lose by less than a certain number of points.

  • Parlay

Parlay betting is undoubtedly the most rewarding kind of betting if you can pick your games correctly, but unfortunately, the chances of doing this are particularly slim. This is because when you make a parlay bet, you need to get all of your predictions correct for the bet to be a winner. You could place a parlay bet consisting of anything between 2 markets all the way up to 15, but the more you add to the bet, the riskier it becomes.

Creating a sportsbook account in Michigan

In order to open a legal sportsbook account in Michigan, you must first find a sports betting provider who you can sign up with. Of course, we do not know which sites will be available online as of yet, but once we do, you can then go ahead and choose your desired provider.

It doesn’t matter which sportsbook you choose to sign up with, you will still be required to create an account before you can make any sports bet. During the sign-up process, you will be required to enter details including your address and full name, as well as your date of birth to prove that you are over 21 years of age. After you’ve provided all the details and your account has been approved, you will have access to all of the sports betting markets supported by that particular sportsbook.

Making a bet in a casino

If you do decide to go to a physical sportsbook rather than make your bets online, you still need to be 21 years of age, and you must, of course, travel to the relative casino to make your bet. Within a sportsbook, you will usually find slips of paper with available bets and markets on them, and you can then fill out which market you would like to bet on along with your desired wager.

This isn’t always the case, especially if you are trying to place any live bet, but this is the general way in which it works. When you have chosen your bet and entered the stake, you must then walk over to the kiosk and hand in your betting paper. At this moment, the teller may ask to see your identity document to prove that you’re over 21, and you will then need to hand over the cash so that your bet can be officially placed.

Mobile and online betting

Since online betting has been approved in Michigan, it is critical that you know how to actually place your sports bet on an online platform. There will be two main ways in which to do this. One of them is through a desktop sportsbook, that you can access from your laptop or home computer. The other is through a mobile app/mobile site, and of course, if there is a mobile app, you will be able to download it for your respective operating system (Android/iOS).

If you already have an account with the sportsbook you are using, you will be able to log in as usual. If you do not yet have an account, you will still need to go through the registration process so that you gain access to all betting markets. There is also a critical piece of information here – you need to have real funds in your account in order to make any sports wagers.

Some of the more prestigious and reliable sportsbooks have a wide range of payment methods for you to do this. The most reliable ones are often PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and even e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. The sportsbook will show you what payment methods are available, and you will need to select one as well as enter your desired deposit amount to successfully fund your account.

Once you have followed all of these steps, the sportsbook is your oyster, as you can bet on whatever market you please.

Michigan Sportsbooks – FAQs

How do I know that a sportsbook is safe to use?

Since Michigan sportsbooks will be brand new, there will naturally be no history of positive reviews from customers. Therefore you’ll need to check for two things – one, make sure they hold a license from the MGCB, and two, check if the site uses SSL encryption to protect your data.

Is there a way to tell if the odds are competitive?

Somewhat – if you find a betting market that you think looks attractive, you can always go and cross-reference the odds by checking out a different sportsbook in Michigan. This can be time-consuming of course, but then it is up to you if you think it will be worth doing.

Will Michigan sportsbooks have cash-out options for bets?

We cannot say at this moment, but there has been nothing in the sports betting laws to suggest that sports bets will be ineligible for cashouts. However, all of this will depend on what your chosen sportsbook decides to implement into its features. If cash-out options are available, they will likely be for betting markets associated with more popular sports and events.

Will there be customer support options with Michigan sportsbooks?

Absolutely, most sportsbooks have multiple support options for members to use. These can include live chat systems, toll-free telephone numbers, email support tickets, but we’ve also seen customer support via social media too. Other sportsbooks in the USA allow members to chat with representatives through apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which can be highly useful.

As for the opening hours and response times, again, this will solely depend on what the sportsbook puts together and how they want to run things.

last update : May 2024