Indiana Online Sports Betting 2024

As we all know, betting legislation is transforming rapidly across the USA right now. This article takes a much closer look at how things stand in Indiana, along with several interesting factors that we all must be aware of when betting from this state.

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Indiana sports betting

Legal Sports Betting Sites in Indiana

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Live online betting sites

  • FanDuel Sportsbook

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If any of you follow fantasy sports or still engage in them today, chances are fairly strong that you know about FanDuel. What you may not know, however, is that FanDuel was one of the sites driving the push for legalized sports betting in Indiana in recent years. FanDuel launched its first sportsbook back in 2018, but this was only made available to the New Jersey market.

They brought the site over to Indiana sports bettors in October 2019, and it’s fair to say that they haven’t looked back. Interestingly, FanDuel was acquired last year by Flutter Entertainment, although the FanDuel brand remains the same. They are still one of the only sportsbooks in Indiana to provide college basketball betting, and they also offer other sports such as American football and soccer.

  • BetMGM

BetMGM is actually one of the largest betting brands on the planet. This growth has been assisted thanks to the enormous physical casino out in Vegas, along with being the host for some of the largest boxing fights in history. Away from the physical casino and lights of Vegas however, BetMGM has slowly been building up their online sportsbook.

They now have a fully operational sportsbook that is open to the Indiana market, although it has literally only been open for a few weeks. Needless to say, they have the might of the MGM Resorts International brand behind them, and we are sure that with their investment power, this could become one of the top sportsbooks in Indiana before we know it.

At the time of writing, BetMGM has soccer, tennis, MMA, basketball, and several other sports available for their members to place wagers on. They have also taken the time to make their sportsbook mobile app available for download in the Indiana market, so they really are going all-in right now.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook

Having launched in Indiana on October 3rd, 2019, DraftKings was one of the earliest sportsbooks to move into Indiana. Much like FanDuel who we have mentioned earlier, DraftKings started life as a fantasy sports betting site, but they’ve clearly realized the potential of real sports betting in 2024.

One of the greatest things about the DraftKings site is that you can simply transfer your existing fantasy contests membership over to the sportsbook platform. This can also be done without being labeled as an existing customer too, so you still have full rights and access to the sportsbook welcome offer.

They too have a mobile app that Indiana based players can download for both Android and iOS, meaning that you can enjoy your sports bets on the go. DraftKings covers many of the top leagues in North American too, including NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL. This displays an understanding of their member base, as well as comprehension concerning what it takes to put together a top sportsbook site.

  • Pointsbet

Pointsbet approaches the world of sports betting from a slightly different angle since they operate using fixed price odds with a strong focus on spread betting for various sports. They do provide quite good sports betting coverage, with various leagues on offer including MMA, NBA, MLB, NFL, and even PGA golf.

Pointsbet is actually an Australian based company, but like other businesses that were established overseas, the changes in the American market are proving to be highly attractive. Another interesting fact of the Pointsbet platform is that they claim to be able to provide the most betting markets for NFL and NBA games out of any other online sportsbook on the planet.

That’s a pretty bold claim, but having taken a look at their offerings, there could well be some truth in this statement. Like other online sportsbooks in this list, Pointsbet has developed a mobile app for their betting offerings, and it is available right now for both iOS and Android.

  • BetRivers

BetRivers is the fifth and final online sportsbook that is currently available in Indiana, but as they say, last doesn’t necessarily mean least. Although they are last in this list, they were actually one of the first sites to launch in Indiana, which they did successfully back in October 2019. Right now they cover motor racing, top-tier European soccer, American football, NBA, NHL, and several other sports.

Something that BetRivers has also managed to implement into their rather respectable offerings is live betting. There are no special requirements for you to engage in live betting at BetRivers, but you do need to stay inside Indiana state borders to make these bets. This shouldn’t cause a major issue, however, unless you are going on a road trip!

They really do have one of the more comprehensive sportsbooks out of the sites on this list, and there is plenty of talk that they will be adding to their range of sports this year. Keep an eye out for these guys.

Planned launches

  • Caesars

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you will know all too well the prestige and might that the Caesars brand has. It would seem that Caesars is now leaving the desert sand behind however, with plans to launch an online sportsbook in Indiana very soon. There is no confirmed date for the launch of this sportsbook as of yet, but rumor has it that all of the necessary paperwork is in progress.

Caesars has publicly declared its intentions to launch an online sportsbook in Indiana, so we know that this isn’t ‘fake news’. Once they do launch, we are fairly confident that the sportsbook quality will rival those sites that are already established in the state. Caesars has an enormous budget for investment and development, so we are intrigued to see what this results in.

  • William Hill

william hill mobile betting

William Hill already has a presence in the USA, despite originating from the UK. They actually launched in New Jersey just a couple of years back, and their product has proved pretty popular so far in the Garden State. William Hill is now poised and ready to pounce on the Indiana market, and we are sure that the sportsbook will be quite similar to what they already have to offer in New Jersey.

Much like Caesars before them, William Hill already has the application in progress to release their sportsbook in Indiana. This could be approved at any time really, although it could still be several weeks or months from the date of writing. Once they do launch, the brand recognition and prestige that William Hill has will no doubt attract sports bettors from all over the state.

  • Fox Bet

Fox Bet is a site that many of you may not have heard of, although the brand of Fox, you most certainly have. There is still a bit of mystery surrounding what the Fox Bet sportsbook could offer to Indiana sports bettors, but they too have a large budget that will no doubt be used to develop an appealing platform.

Given the nature of the market in the USA, we’d highly expect Fox Bet to implement many popular North American sports into their offerings. They will likely cover leagues including the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and could even offer more global sports too such as golf and tennis. This is of course, unknown at this point, but we do know that the emergence of this sportsbook in Indiana is imminent.

There is no official launch date as of yet, but we are expecting to see the Fox Bet sportsbook get online over the coming months.

IN State casinos with sportsbooks


While online sports betting in Indiana is a completely new thing, it is a bit of a different story when you consider the physical casinos where sports betting is allowed. You will have noticed that as of right now, there are only 5 sportsbooks that have made it online in Indiana, but the number of physical sportsbooks is more than 15.

To name a few – Belterra Casino Resort, Rising Star Casino Resort, Horseshoe Hammond Casino, and Majestic Star Casino. Sports betting for Indiana casinos was actually permitted just before the NFL season kicked off in 2019, and as you may already know, these casinos were quick to develop an online platform.

There was quite literally just a couple of months between the announcement of sports betting legalization and the first sportsbooks making their way online – much to the delight of Indiana based sports betting enthusiasts. You will notice that the names shown for the physical casinos are also partners with many of the branded online sportsbooks, so many of them have already crafted strategic partnerships.

Legal Sports betting Indiana launch

As we are now several months into 2024, online sports betting is absolutely legal in the state of Indiana. How about this for a statistic – within the first four calendar months of legalizing sports betting in Indiana, the industry took in more wagers than the total advertising revenue generated from the Super Bowl. That is simply staggering, and it shows how the state has already adapted to the relaxed sports betting laws.

In terms of the development of sports betting in Indiana and how we reached this stage, it’s just a fact of looking at economic reasoning. The USA has been wisening up to the economic benefits of relaxed betting legislation for some time now, particularly when they see countries like the UK and Australia generating such large figures from the industry. However, this then begs the question – why Indiana and not other states?

To answer that, it’s first important to know that Indiana is not the only state where sports betting is legal. It has already been legalized in several other states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, but then there are several reasons why the pressure has been quite high in the Indiana market.

Online betting companies have piled on the pressure since Indiana has over 6 million people living there, which is a large opportunity for betting companies. On top of this, there are several high-profile sports teams such as the Indiana Pacers (NBA) and many college teams. Usually, when you get these factors together, it’s going to be a hot betting market.

What are the sports betting laws for Indiana?

As you are now fully aware after reading through this piece, online sports betting is now completely legal in Indiana. That being said, there are still a few specifics concerning different sports and methods of betting, which we have covered right here.

  • Age / location restrictions

The gambling market in Indiana is managed by the government body – the Indiana Gambling Commission. There is sometimes a bit of confusion concerning law changes from state to state, so let us quickly clear this up. You still need to be over 21 years of age to engage in any form of online betting and to make a real money wager, you must be within Indiana State borders.

  • Very relaxed sporting event prohibitions

When we say that these prohibitions are relaxed, this would be a bit of an understatement. Currently, you can bet on pretty much any sport that you desire in Indiana, of course, subject to your chosen sportsbook provider actually listing that sport. They are even relaxed on college sports betting, which has previously been a bit of a gray area in the USA market.

  • Tax rate on gambling profits

We know, we know – it was all going so smoothly up until this point. Unfortunately, Indiana State does charge a tax on profits that come from your sports betting endeavors. As of March 2020, this rate stands at 9.5% of your gross profit, so you will be required to declare this on your taxes when the time comes.

  • Esports & amateur sporting event restrictions

While the state is highly relaxed concerning what professional and college events you can bet on, this isn’t the case for amateur sport and esports. These two categories have still not been approved for betting in Indiana as of yet, but as legislations continue to change, this could become a different story later this year. We just don’t know for sure as of yet, but you can be sure that you won’t find betting markets for these on any online sportsbook in Indiana!

More information on Indiana sports betting

What sports and leagues can I bet on?

Simply put, you can bet on anything that your sportsbook provider has available. Generally speaking, if a sporting event is available for you to bet on, you can be sure that this is a legal betting market. Some of the major US sports that you can bet on are NBA games, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA competitions. It’s more common to be able to bet on college basketball as opposed to any other college sport, but not all online sportsbooks will cover this.

Are any sports/games banned from betting?

As it stands, you will not be able to engage in any form of esports betting in Indiana state. You can also not engage in betting on amateur events, although you don’t need to concern yourself with these facts too much. This is because an online sportsbook simply won’t have these markets available, and if they do, they are not a legal and reliable betting platform!

What kind of bets can I place

There are tons of different sports bets you can place, including moneyline, parlay bets, tournament outrights, over/under, spread, in-play bets, and other specialized bets. To find out what betting markets a particular event has, you just need to select an event within a sportsbook and this should open up the list of available markets.

How to sign up on a site

Needless to say, you do need to be based in Indiana to sign up for any of the online sportsbooks that are currently available. As long as you are, you will need to open up the registration page for your desired site. Here you’ll need to provide residential and personal information such as full name, address, etc. Do note that many sites will verify this information too, so take the time to double-check that you’ve entered everything correctly.

How to place a bet in a casino

In order to place a bet in any casino, you are going to have two options. You can choose to go to a physical casino location, where you’ll need to exchange your cash for chips and then play whatever game you like. Alternatively, you can play casino games at online betting sites if they have this product category available.

Many online platforms, again, if they are available, will support table games such as roulette and blackjack, but they could also have slot games and even live casino titles. The interfaces for these games work the same way as a physical casino, however, but instead, you’ll be using virtual chips for the games rather than holding them in your hand, like at a physical casino.

How to bet online or on mobile

Before you even think of betting online, you need to open a valid betting account at an online site. Without this, you simply won’t be able to engage in online sports or casino betting. Once you have opened an account with a provider, you will need to fund your account with some money.

A site will always list what payment methods they support, and you need to then choose one and determine how much you want to deposit. After doing this, you will be able to make sports bets, and even wager on casino games of your choice if they are available.

Indiana sports betting FAQ

Where will online betting go from here in Indiana?

Well, since sports betting has now been fully legalized in Indiana, we expect that more and more providers will make the transition into the market. This will, of course, make the environment more competitive, and you may even start to notice increased offers with these online sites as they are competing for customers. It is also perfectly feasible that online sites will start to implement other features such as live streaming into their offerings too.

Is it safe to bet at these online sites?

Many of these online platforms operate using SSL encryption on the site, meaning that any data, whether it is personal or financial is protected from potential threats. Also, once these sites have been given a license to provide online betting services, they are then bound by the state’s laws to provide you with a certain level of service.

How can I know if a site is operating legally?

There are always two main things that you can do to check this out. First of all, if a site has a valid betting license, they will typically display this on the bottom of their home page, or at least somewhere on the site. You can always cross-reference this with the relevant governing body too. Secondly, we always advise going through a few customer reviews of the site, as this will give you a solid indicator regarding customer satisfaction levels.

Do these platforms have customer support services in place?

Absolutely! Practically all of the online betting sites in Indiana have a customer support system in place. It is quite popular for a site to implement a live chat widget for you to use, and many platforms now have phone as well as email support too. This means that you will never be too far away from receiving the assistance you require at any site.

last update : June 2024