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Drfatkings Live Betting Review

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DraftKings has built up a brilliant fantasy sports section that covers every major sport in North America and across the world. It is possible to create line-ups that can end up the rewarding players in the short term. Unlike many of the fantasy sports, DraftKings runs daily or weekly contests that make it ideal for players to sign up and use their leisure time. Even then, keeping track of the games can be a difficult affair without the right kind of equipment. This is where DraftKings steps up with the DK Live section. This provides plenty of information and live coverage of NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games.

Every fantasy game user has to be on top of the results and performance. It is not possible to catch up with every game. This is where DK Live steps in with its ability to provide comprehensive coverage of events in actual games, which can then be used in the fantasy world. A player will not be comforted that they can always watch the highlights at a later stage. It is of paramount importance that players get to know what happened.

There are no actual live streams of games, but it is always nice to be on top of the stats and scores. A major advantage of DraftKings Live section is the ability to focus on the statistical performance of individual players who have been picked up in the fantasy line-ups. A specific feature called ‘My Players’ filter is available so that players in the fantasy line-ups would be highlighted. Access to all of the top fantasy plays is also provided. A leaderboard to focus on an individual player’s progress is available, and it can serve as a great educational tool for identifying future trends.

A conventional scoreboard layout is provided so that individual games scores along with real-time fantasy plays can be accessed at one section. DraftKings also provides a lot of research data, knowledge in the form of video presentations. When most of the live streaming services available at sportsbooks tend to focus more on real games, the live stream coverage at DraftKings is about making sure that the fantasy players get a great deal of knowledge.


How to Access DraftKings Live?


DraftKings has gone with a dedicated section for the live streams. This separation is also evident in the way apps are used, as a separate app is available for the live section. Even then, users can retain the comfort of a single login. Users have to perform small steps in order to gain access. They are:

  • Head over to the homepage or open up the Live app
  • Sign up with the account details
  • Register for an account if an account is not available
  • The registration process is fairly simple and quick. Players need not make a deposit straight away, but they will get handsome rewards if otherwise
  • Access the live section that contains a video library focusing on every niche
  • The video library comprises of highlights, interviews, expert opinions, and betting recommendations amongst other content.

Mobile Access of DraftKings Live Streams

Many sportsbooks tend to place their live stream section, but DraftKings is quite unique in this regard. It offers a separate app for the live section. If a player wants to access from a desktop, the section is available alongside the sportsbook. However, the separate entry for mobile devices can be a great convenience. Unlike sportsbooks that use live streams in tandem with the in-play betting section, the primary advantage of the DraftKings Live would be felt in the fantasy sports section.

Now, the ability to get all the data about fantasy sports in one destination is quite good. The availability of live updates is an added bonus. DraftKings Live initially came into the market with a handful of bugs, but several improvements have been made. There is a lot of potential that is waiting to be exploited, as other streaming update services simply do not have the means to offer added bonuses for fantasy contest.

If a player is accessing from a mobile device, they can choose to experience games in multiple wins. For example, if a player is interested in NFL action, they can modify the app in such a way that games can be tracked only with the following views:

  • Every action
  • Big plays alone
  • Touchdowns alone
  • Redzone plays alone

These options can be pivoted when it comes to making the most of real-world action in fantasy games.


DraftKings’ Sports Coverage

Players get to enjoy coverage of more than 15 sports – international and domestic. The quantity of markets that are available on these events is also quite exceptional. It is not surprising that American sports like basketball gets to enjoy more than 10 markets on popular events. However, the likes of soccer also get to enjoy a similar stature.

Apart from regular updates, there are also live bets that are provided in significant numbers. DraftKings considerably improved this section by including statistics, which, in turn, better inform the user, threby generating a more accurate betting prediction.

There are numerous options available to a bettor in terms of betting on different events. They can use prop bets, round-robin bets, spread bets, many lines, in-game bets, and more. DraftKings has been bringing a large number of updates to the betting section. There is more coverage than ever before of worldwide sports. After initially starting out with a greater focus on American sports, players can now bet on the likes of rugby union, MMA, and more. Unsurprisingly, the likes of English Premier League receive a greater amount of attention considering its worldwide popularity.

DraftKings recently brought together a feature known as the Flash Bet, where users are given the opportunity to bet on a smaller section of a game. Bettors usually place money on events that occur over the entire span of the game, which can last for a couple of days in the case of cricket. For this reason, the flash bet feature is very interesting since smaller sections, which last even minutes, can be the basis for a market. This feature is often accompanied by a graphics embed, which conveys crucial information like statistics. It may not be surprising to see an actual live stream available in the future, as DraftKings has been showing a lot of interest in the same.


Promotions and Offers from DraftKings 

draftkings sign up bonus


As part of the welcome offer, players would receive a free ticket to a contest provided they make a $5 deposit. The free entry is applicable only on contests that have an entry fee of $3. Players should redeem this ticket as soon as possible, as it has a validity period of just one year. The $3 coupon cannot be redeemed for cash and it can only be used as a ticket for the contest.

One of the few restrictions imposed on players would come in the form of promotions and bonuses. DraftKings typically has a limit of bonuses or promotions that can be claimed by a player in a specific time period. Every player should read the terms and conditions to be aware of the different requirements. Even with a whole host of conditions, certain promotions like the possibility of free entry into a daily fantasy contest are incredible.

The welcome offer is generous and can be redeemed via a draftkings promo code enableing a $1,000 sign-up bonus. It provides up to $1000 for a player depending on their initial bet. After having signed up, the first deposits made by a player would be matched at a similar value. In order to qualify for the bonus, players only need to make a minimum deposit of $5. Now, they will receive site credits that are worth up to $500 after the first deposit is matched at 20%. For example, a player has to make a deposit of $1000 in order to receive a maximum bonus of $100. If a player wants to capitalise on the upper limit, they have to deposit $2500. 

Any bonuses that have been obtained by a player have to go through play-through requirements before it can be withdrawn. Every $25 that is used to wager on any of the DraftKings sections will open up $1 withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the first bet will also be matched to a maximum of $100. This free bet needs to be used within 30 days after the first wager.


DraftKings provides a different sort of experience when it comes to the live streaming service. It is more oriented towards helping fantasy players get the most out of their teams. Users who have been experiencing live streaming service at other sportsbooks may be disappointed, as the number of live events is substantially smaller. Yet, the benefits for fantasy players are quite immense. It is not surprising that DraftKings focuses more on fantasy users, who are the big chunk of the user base. Yet, there is a lot of interest from the platform to provide live streaming of different sports from around the world. Even without a regular run-of-the-mill stream, DraftKings manages to offer something for everyone.

last update : June 2024