How do the FanDuel Promotions Compare to Others?

As you can see from the information in this article, FanDuel has taken a great deal of pride in developing multiple bonuses for both new and existing players. Just to quick recap as we are now into 2024, the bonuses that you can access are given below:

New Player Bonuses:

Since these are the only two products that FanDuel covers, away from the renowned fantasy sports section anyway, it’s good for customers that they have reasonably sized promotions. Both of these promotions can be used by new players too, so you don’t need to suffer the usual choice.

Existing Player Bonuses:

  • Keep the cash – give your answers to 20 yes/no sports questions, with $1,000,000 available if you can answer all correctly
  • Multi-sport parlay insurance – make a parlay consisting of 5 teams or more, and if one lets you down you can get up to $25
  • College hoops win bonus – look for featured college ball games on the site, and make a moneyline bet of more than $25, with a reward of $3 for each point that team wins by
  • NBA 3rd quarter insurance – if your chosen team is winning at the end of the third, but they proceed to lose the game, you can receive up to $50 cashback

So there you have it, a total of six bonuses that FanDuel has on offer as it stands in February 2020. It’s already somewhat unique since FanDuel has more bonuses available for existing players than new players. It’s often the reverse, but this shows that they care about and value their customers.

Compared to other sportsbooks/casino sites out there, the promotions are higher than average. If your eyes widened at the Keep the Cash promotion, don’t worry, ours did too! With a jackpot bonus that offers a free shot at $1,000,000, that’s one of the largest promotions that we’ve seen for an online betting site in the USA.

As we switch the focus from bonuses onto FanDuel’s other key features, just know that they are a site that doesn’t sell you short on bonuses, and they are adding to this list all the time.

FanDuel FAQs

  1. Does FanDuel give me value for money in terms of their odds?

FanDuel has one of the largest budgets for any betting site across the USA, and they have used this power to provide competitive odds for players. This means that they don’t offer poor odds in an effort to reduce total payouts to their members, so when you bet at FanDuel, you are accessing some of the best odds on the market.

  1. Are there any restrictions regarding opening an account with FanDuel?

FanDuel follows the standard protocol when it comes to account restrictions. You must be over 21 years of age to place real money bets, and you must be betting from the States in which they are licensed – Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

  1. What are the main casino games that FanDuel offers?

This is an interesting one, as FanDuel has partnered up with Betfair to cater to their casino gaming. When you click the casino link on the site, you’ll be taken to the Betfair casino platform. Here you can find games like poker, roulette, blackjack, video slots, video poker, and even live casino play.

  1. Why are the sportsbook and the racing section separated?

This is simply an effort to make things easier for the customer, and also because FanDuel covers an enormous number of horse and greyhound races each year. By dividing the products into two sections, you can access a simplified view of the available races.

  1. Is FanDuel a legal and fair betting site?

Yes, FanDuel is licensed in several states across the USA (as shown above), and they will be expanding into several other states by the end of the year. They provide competitive odds, and also their casino games have high RTP’s (return to player), as well as operate using random number generator software. This means that the games are for both you and the platform.

Mobile App Experience

With a site as mammoth in size as FanDuel is, of course, players can access their favorite sports and markets from a professionally developed mobile app. Having the option to download a native app for a betting site is almost standard these days, however, so it’s no longer good enough to just have an app in place. With that knowledge, we took a much deeper look into what separates the FanDuel app from others in the same space.

All of these features are listed below, with further insights given for each one. The app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the app store too, to add to the variety of customers that the app caters to.

  • Products available in one place

It can be frustrating when betting sites develop multiple apps to cover their range of products. While there are benefits to doing this, many players get annoyed by having to download multiple apps onto their device, such as one for sports, one for the casino, etc.

FanDuel has integrated its sportsbook, racing section, and casino games into one sophisticated mobile app. Not only does this save space on your device, but it also makes it super easy to switch between their products.

  • In-play betting from the app

When monitoring live bets, as many of you know, they can change on a dime and the best odds don’t stay available for long. Maybe the best odds arise while you are hitting the gym, or buying your groceries at the store, so of course, you need access to these markets on the go to get the best odds locked in.

FanDuel provides exactly that from their mobile app, and they aren’t shy about the availability of markets either, as we will discuss slightly later in this page. Oh, and you can place live bets within just a couple of pushes of the screen – talk about easy!

  • Great interface

Ever used a site where the desktop platform is awesome, but then the mobile app seems like amateurs have developed it? We have, and it leaves quite a bad taste in the mouth about any given betting site. Well, FanDuel does not fit that description whatsoever! Their mobile app boasts an awesome color scheme, an incredibly simple layout considering their range of features, and it is just generally pleasant to use.

  • Option of customer support from the app

Gamers do the vast majority of their gaming from mobile apps in this day and age, so what about if something goes wrong and you are on the app? FanDuel has this covered as well, since you can easily open up a live chat conversation with their representatives, and they are on hand 24/7 to assist with any issues.

This means that even if you are spinning those reels or placing some exciting in-play bets at 2 am, there will still be somebody on hand to help you. The app is so good that hopefully, you won’t need to use the support services, but it’s comforting to know that you are covered if anything goes south.

  • High-speed navigation

While the app is still dependent on a reasonable Internet connection for an uninterrupted experience, the general loading speed between pages is fantastic. You may only see a loading symbol for a second or two when switching between sports or their individual markets, but those few seconds can make all the difference – especially if you’re attempting to place a live bet!

Key Sportsbook Features

Current members often sing the praises of the FanDuel sportsbook, but there always has to be reasons for why the experience is so good. We believe that the best way to gauge the quality of a platform is always to test for yourself, which is exactly what we’ve done throughout this review. After hours of enjoying the FanDuel sportsbook, we’ve shortlisted what makes this product so enticing.

  • Depth of markets

The range of markets at a sportsbook can be a bit of a make or break feature, for even if players prefer to stick to just a few markets, they always enjoy seeing that they have other options if desired. FanDuel does a really good job on the whole, for they offer between 10-20 markets for many of their listed sports.

The sports that attract markets towards the higher end of this scale include basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and hockey. Of course, the specific markets change depending on the sports, but you can rest assured that there will always be a moneyline, spread, and over/under market.

  • Available odds

We touched on this briefly above, but just to confirm, FanDuel offers odds that will bring you higher returns if you are successful with your bets. To put this in numerical terms, if you place a $10 bet with one site, you may win $15 (depending on the odds) for a correct bet. If you bet with FanDuel, this $10 bet could bring you $17/$18. The odds aren’t significantly higher than the average odds, but every dollar counts.

  • Betting guide assistance

We were intrigued by this feature, as there aren’t so many betting sites out there that take the time to implement a betting guide for new players. FanDuel has broken the mold here, as they have a link in the bottom left of their page that is literally titled ‘betting guide’.

Here you will find assistance on how to place your bets, how to interpret odds, how to navigate the sportsbook and other important knowledge for new sports bettors.

  • College sports betting

To add to the growing list of benefits of the FanDuel sportsbook, you can bet on your favorite college sports. College sports are sometimes overlooked by other sites, more often than not due to tighter regulations placed on college sports betting. FanDuel covers college basketball and college football, and they cover the vast majority of events.

This is ideal if you like to have some fun with friends post-season, whether you are filling out your bracket or trying to compete for your knowledge of basketball, FanDuel is the site to go to for college sports.

  • Ongoing reload bonuses

We highlighted the bonuses at the very start of this page, and you no doubt remember that there are more reload bonuses available than new customer bonuses. The reason that we have listed this as one of the key features is because FanDuel literally adds to their reload bonus catalog on a weekly basis, meaning there’s always something different to go for.

Some other key features that we’ve been hearing rumors about are the inclusion of more live streaming events, which could even involve increased access to college sports. We’ve also heard that the app could be receiving a significant upgrade, and it’s already one of the best on the market!

Live Streaming at FanDuel

Live streaming is one of the fundamental features offered for betting sites over in Europe, but it’s still quite a new thing in the USA betting market. Here’s the good news for FanDuel sports fans – live streaming was trialed back in 2019 on the platform, and following the huge success of the launch, live streaming is now fully integrated into the desktop and even the app.

Check out the sub-features of the live streaming setup at FanDuel below, and we’ve reviewed each of the individual features.

  • Range of sports

Firstly, the range of sports that you can stream is less than the total number of events. This is fairly common with any betting site, and nothing to be concerned about. Currently, you can stream events for tennis, golf, basketball, and soccer.

Divided into leagues, this includes NBA and NCAA games, Premier League soccer and other top European divisions, ATP/WTA tennis events, and PGA golf. Not all events are covered in these leagues, but there’s a solid amount.

  • Quality of stream

We found that the live streams that FanDuel provides are reasonable, but they aren’t without their flaws. Yes, the stream itself is good as long as you are streaming over WiFi, or have a strong data connection if you wandering around, but there is one complaint – the stream is often significantly behind the actual live event.

For this reason, it can be hard to watch the game and then make any live betting decisions, as you will often be a few minutes behind what has actually happened. Therefore if you are streaming the game, we would highly recommend closing any live betting markets you may have open, as the odds will change far before you see what has actually happened during the event.

  • How to access

Firstly, you have to have an open and verified account as an absolute minimum for live streaming access. As long as you have this, you can simply click the ‘live’ button whether you are using the mobile app or the desktop page, and this will open the events that you can stream.

Don’t get confused between the events that have live markets vs. live streaming, however, but there is an easy feature to look for to distinguish between the two. You just need to look for a little ‘play’ symbol next to the event, just like the logo seen for YouTube. If the event has this symbol then live streaming is available.

There are a couple of further restrictions for live streaming that you must adhere to. You can’t just create an account and then access an unlimited number of games, for this wouldn’t make sense from the perspective of the platform. You need to at least have money funded in your account or have placed a sports bet within the last 24 hours.

If you fail to meet these requirements then you will simply see the link to the stream, but you won’t be able to actually open the stream.


FanDuel offers a sports betting experience like few currently do, at least in the USA market. Away from the chance to lock in some of the largest promotions available right now, the overall experience with the site is straight out of the top-drawer.

The interface of both the desktop site and the mobile platforms is excellent, and FanDuel really has gone the extra mile to supply other key features for its members. With nice little touches such as a betting guide and live streaming access from the mobile, FanDuel is setting the standard for others operating in the same space.

If we were going to scrutinize the site and look for areas to improve, we would say that the general range of sports and markets could be improved. With that said, however, they’ve covered sports that North American bettors enjoy, which shows an understanding of their members, and they have gone that extra mile to cover global sports too.