NCAA Football Odds 2024 & Daily Lines

The College football season has started and seven rounds are behind us. Although it is too early to make precise predictions, we can make some conclusions that can drive us to more success in college football betting.

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In the preseason analysis, Alabama and Clemson have been labeled as the top favourites for the playoff finals which is going to take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on January 13th, 2020. This is not surprising as these two sides have faced each other in the College Football Playoffs the last four seasons. 

After seven rounds played, Alabama showed that they are really offensive force. They managed to celebrate in all seven games having scored a total of 341 points, which makes them one of the most efficient teams in the competition. They easily archived a couple of tricky road trips to South Carolina and Texas A&M, and still having to go for a visit to Mississippi State and Auburn. Out of the top 50 players on 2020NFL Draft, Alabama has ten names on that list, which makes them one of the top favorites for winning the competition.

Clemson are also among the hottest favourites and they are on a very good course so far in the season. The only tight game they played against North Carolina which they won by one point, while in the others the Tigers have been more than confident. Besides their excellent offensive work, their defense is one of the best in the league averaging 12 points per game. Clemson have a very good opportunity to win the third national championships in four seasons.

Ohio State is another team with a perfect score so far in the season with all seven victories. Actually, they displayed a perfect combination of great offense and rock-solid defending. They are averaging almost 50 points per match, while their defense allowed only 56 points in total after these seven rounds. The Buckeyes are going to have the biggest two challenges in the last two weeks when they are facing Penn State and Michigan, and those matches might define their course of the season.

When it comes to College Football Playoffs predictions, semi-finals are going to take place at December 28th at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta and the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz. It is questionable who can challenge Alabama and Clemson for the title as these two sides featured in the finals three times in the past four years. One thing is for sure, there is going to be a great battle for the other two spots in the playoffs. Among the hottest contenders should be Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas and Georgia. 

Oklahoma are in the group of teams who still have the perfect score as they managed to come on top as winners in all seven rounds played so far. Their offensive work is pretty impressive, and they are averaging a bit more than 50 points per match. Their defending is also fairly stable as they are allowing less than 20 points per game in average to their opponents. They should be good enough to win the Big 12 although they lost to Georgia and Alabama in the last two seasons in the playoff battles. 

Texas has already lost two times and the tough challenge is ahead of them. They suffered a defeat in a direct clash against Oklahoma two rounds ago which can hurt their playoffs bid. The Longhorns need to improve their defense as they allowed too many points to their opponents although their offensive work is pretty respectable.  

Georgia were stunned by South Carolina two rounds ago and that is their first and only defeat in the season. Their poor offensive display costed them a victory although Georgia has been pretty tight in the back. The defeat came after overtime, which is something that could have been avoided. 

When it comes to odds, Clemson are leading the race according to the bookies with average odds of +175. Right behind them are Alabama with the price of +230, while Ohio State are valued at +700. After good displays so far in the season, LSU advanced on the list of favourites as you can expect to get the odds of +1000 if you decide to back them up on your bet slip, while Georgia are slightly behind them with the odds of +1200, followed by Oklahoma with the +1600 price. 

As far as for the Heisman Trophy race, there is one name popping up as a hot favourite for claiming the award. Tua Tagovaiola is predicted to have a stellar season and he should drive Alabama to the very top at the end of the season. His pass completion rose to 69% last season, while he also had 43 touchdowns. Of course, he is going to enjoy great support by the offensive side of his team which can help them build up his stats this season. Tagovaiola’s current displays are speaking in the favour of bookies’ predictions as he managed to book over 25 touchdowns and over 2000 yards through the air. 

Jalen Hurts is the second favourite for the award with the odds of +450. Former Alabama’s quarterback made a switch to Oklahoma as he lost the place in the team to Tagovaiola. Hurts has also over 2000 yards of total offense this season, over 15 passing touchdowns and over 6 rushing touchdowns. Before the start of the season, he was at the odds of +800, but he has drastically moved up as the season continues. He is going to be the biggest challenger to Tagovaiola for the Heisman Trophy.

Another name that is worthy of mentioning is Joe Burrow, who has been fantastic this season. He already has over 20 touchdowns, throwing for over 1500 yards. LSU didn’t have such a quarterback for a while and his excellent displays helped his side maintaining the perfect score after seven rounds into the season. His prices are somewhere around Jalen Hurts and at the moment you can count on +410 odds if you select Joe Burrow as your favorite for winning the Heisman Trophy.

last update : May 2024

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