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Want to bet at Play Eldorado? We got you covered. This promo code will help you get started, and will remain valid for the whole of 2020!

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Setting up your account, using the Play Eldorado promo code 

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How to register on the site: only a few clicks!

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Registering on Play Eldorado couldn’t be easier. Because the experience is entirely free, players don’t have to worry about putting in their financial information before being able to access the slots that they want to play.

When the player gets to the homepage, they’ll simply have to click on “register” icon, which can be found on the top right side of the website. Using their email address and a password that they create, they’ll be able to get free access to the platform. There’s also the option to put in a promo code if you have one, which can help you secure free spins and extra credits. You really don’t need to look very far for a Play Eldorado promo code, since we’re providing you with one just above, which will remain valid for the entirety of 2020!

There are a couple of boxes that have to be checked to confirm that players have read through some key information, and agreed to the terms and conditions. It’s important to note that these terms and conditions include the player agreeing that they will not play from Washington State.

New players should write down their password somewhere secure to make sure that they can always have access to the platform and the progress that they unlock as they continue playing.

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Bonuses for each product

There is a range of bonuses available to players, but naturally these have no monetary value. Depending on when the player signs up, they may find that they receive 100,000 free credits by default. These credits can be used to help the player get used to the platform and level up, unlocking new additional levels.

Once the player has logged in and received their bonus, they’ll most probably be given the option to make a purchase at a discounted price. This depends on the player, but they will most probably want to wait until they have experienced what the platform has to offer before taking this plunge.

Players receive new credits every four hours too, so it isn’t always necessary to purchase credits given that there’s a free source of them. The more credits a player spends, the more experience they will unlock, and they’ll be able to enjoy new games.

New players will also notice the “Sneak Peek” option. This functionality gives them the option to play a secret game for a little while before it’s available for all of the other players. This is a nice perk that is unlocked intermittently depending on the number of credits that have been used.

Finally, existing players can invite new ones, and this means that the new player will receive 100,000 free credits. This is a significant amount and really helps new players to get off to a great start.

Bonus Terms

This is a free platform, so the terms and conditions aren’t as strict as they would be on a paying platform. While players should be sure to read through them, they won’t be expected to fulfil any complex and binding legal obligations.


We often find that new players to the platform share a series of similar concerns and questions. Here’s a closer look at those to help you get used to the platform.

Are new games added often?

Yes, in fact the platform explains that it hopes to add around one new game each month. This means that there are new experiences available regularly.

How expensive are spins?

This depends entirely upon the way that you would like to play. You’re free to adjust the amount that you bet on each spin – higher risk means higher rewards, but this could see you go bust sooner. New players will develop their own strategies and find the way to succeed.

Is the website secure?

Yes – everything is served over HTTPS, so your data is encrypted and safe.

Is it difficult to unlock new games?

No – new games are unlocked over time. This means that the more you play, the more games you will be able to enjoy. The player’s progress bar is kept at the top of the screen, giving them an insight into their current level of progress and just how far away they are from securing the next level.

Why should players create an account here?

This free platform gives players a way to get used to slots. It is also a lot of fun and provides classic and novel gaming experience alike. By creating an account, players are able to take advantage of things like free credits, the ability to save progress, compete in leaderboards, and unlock new games. The ability to enter a Play Eldorado promo code, which remains valid throughout 2020, just makes the deal that much sweeter.

How quickly do players level up?

The speed at which a player levels up depends entirely on the player. If some players purchase credits and place bets more frequently, they will amass experience much quicker and therefore level up and unlock games quicker.

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Quality of Platform: a design that’s well put together 

The Overall Experience

Essentially, this game is for players who are hoping to dip their toes into online gaming without the risk that is associated with playing with real money. On this front, the platform absolutely delivers. It is very simple and intuitive to use and doesn’t throw up any barriers to the player’s enjoyment.

The social elements are a nice inclusion, and players are able to compare their progress to others on a sophisticated leader board. The leveling system is also fun and gives players a lot to focus on while enjoying a casual experience.

If you’re a player looking for a fun game to enjoy from the desktop or sofa without the stress and financial burden of real playing, this could be the perfect free-to-play option for you.

eldorado leaderboard

Games: something for everyone

The range of games on offer is truly stunning. You’ll find some of the best games out there available to enjoy for free, including classic games like Black Knight, Giant’s Gold, Great Zeus, and many more. All of the games on the website have high-quality graphics and sound, immersing you in the experience.

There’s a lot of variety on offer here, so players will be sure to find something that they enjoy and gel with. Levelling up happens at a pleasant enough rate which means that new games are regularly unlocked.

o place a wide variety of wagers according to the number of credits that you have in your purse. If you find a game that gels with you, you’ll be able to rack up some serious credits on there while boosting the amount of experience you have and the games you have access to.

User Interface: simple, intuitive

The website is straightforward to use, with a modern feel that is fast and responsive. All of the games feel at home housed within this modern shell. The great user experience carries across from desktop to mobile too, giving players an equally full experience even if they are playing on mobile or tablet devices.

Banking Options

The banking options are only available for deposits, given that the credits within the game have no real-world value and cannot be extracted.


In terms of deposit options, players can use the most common cards like American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCG to make purchases. There are a range of purchase options available, ranging all the way from a reasonable 500,000 all the way to a gigantic sum of 100,000,000 credits.

Promotional codes can also be used in conjunction with purchases to receive discounts and additional bonuses.


Of course, withdrawal methods are not available given that the credits do not have a real-world value.

Customer Support: don’t forget about the help page!

In terms of customer support, users are provided with a simple online form which they can use to address their queries. That is, of course, if their questions are not already answered by the useful help page that his hosted on the website.

Many players will find that their questions will be answered by this page, so it’s worth consulting there before sending a message and giving yourself a long wait time before receiving a response.


In 2016, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic and this website is at the forefront of this trend. The mobile experience is great, whether you’re playing on the mobile website or the applications.


The application is available for Android and iOS and provides you with all the functionality that you expect. This helps you to enjoy games on the go, even in areas of low connectivity. This is a great thing for those players who are hoping to enjoy the game on the move. With the rise of betting on-the-go, using mobile devices, several other betting websites have launched their own mobile applications to serve the purpose. Check out our review of William Hill’s mobile app, which is another great alternative.

Mobile site

The mobile website does have all of the common features, which is great if you’re hoping to play on your phone without downloading the application.

Review: an honest opinion

If you are hoping to enter the world of online gaming without giving an up-front investment, then this is a great introduction to the community. You’ll regularly receive new credits, which means that there is no pressure for you to purchase credits. You can unlock everything that the game has to offer without spending a single cent.

There are an awesome range of games available too, and they’re essentially just very good fun to play. You’ll be sure to find a game that clicks with you in terms of gameplay or aesthetic, and that’s a great experience. Given that the games are pretty fast to unlock (at least at first) you won’t be stuck playing games that you don’t enjoy for a long time.

If you’re considering using the platform or entering the world of online gaming, this could be a great option. There is no pressure to invest money and you can get a feel for the way that video slots work in terms of rows, wilds, and symbols. The social element certainly helps to keep things interesting and makes this a go-to when you’re looking to unwind with some gaming.

Top 3 Alternatives to Play Eldorado: similar, satisfying experiences 

There are a range of platforms out there which offer players free experiences. These are generally created by promotional platforms, and they vary in terms of the quality on offer. If you’re looking to explore the landscape and maybe pursue an alternative, here are some options.

slotzilla logoSlotzilla

You may have heard of Slotzilla. This website allows players to enjoy a wide range of demos where they can sharpen their abilities while unwinding without any pressure. There are a range of games on offer that can help you to get to grips with the mechanics, and the website doesn’t require that you sign up at all. This means that you have no barrier to entry and can perform some quick spins if you like.

  • Play without registering
  • Acclimatize yourself with slots
  • Great demos of leading games
  • Enjoy mobile slots too


This is one of the best websites for free slot games. Just enable flash and you’ll be ready to go. Of course, you lack all of the functionality that PlayEldorado brings through its account functionality, but it’s a fun way to get to grips with some slot games in a low-pressure environment. If you find that you enjoy the experience, you may want to eventually go on to create an account on a real-money casino.

  • Very accessible and simple
  • A range of games on offer
  • The chance to hone your abilities
  • Get used to video slots

vegasslotsonline logoVegas Slots Online

This website gives you the chance to practice your skills on a wide range of games. You’ll find a lot of offer here and once again, you don’t need to sign up to get in on the action. Once you’re on the website you can simply click on a game that piques your interest and you’ll be ready to go! If you enjoy the game and the thrill of playing, then maybe you’ll decide that you would like to go ahead and create a real account.

  • Simple to use
  • The ability to practice on any device
  • A wide range of free slots

Alternatively, if what you’re looking for is more in the range of sports betting, we also happen to have some promo codes that would serve you well. Top Bet is one such sports betting website, and we have you covered for it, until the end of 2020!

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