Super Bowl 2020-2021 Predictions, Picks & Odds

We simply cannot skip highlighting everything that matters about this year’s Super Bowl. So check out what we’ve prepared for you and see where you can bet the game.

Super Bowl 2020-2021 Predictions & Picks

Super Bowl 2024-2024 Super Bowl 2024-2024 Odds Exclusive Promo Codes
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The NFL matchup of the year 

Super Bowl 55 or LV, as written with Latin numerals, promises to be a good one because two very powerful teams are about to go head-to-head. It’s going to be a matchup between the winners of the 2020 NFL season.

Super Bowl 2021 odds and FAQ 

Before we delve into analysis and sports betting talks, let’s provide some details about where and when is Super Bowl 2021 will take place.

  • When is the game taking place? 

The Super Bowl 2021 date is Sunday, the 7th of February. As far as the Super Bowl time goes, kick-off is scheduled for 18:40 ET.

  • Where is the Super Bowl 2021?

The location of Super Bowl 2020 is in Tampa, Florida. The venue is Raymond James Stadium – the home ground of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers otherwise known as Ray Jay.

  • Who will be performing during the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show?

The performance will be co-headlined by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez during the last game so, although it is still premature to say who will be selected to perform for the big event in the upcoming Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Taylor Swift are all runner ups for the coveted role on the national stage   

  • What are the current odds for Super Bowl 2021?


There are slight discrepancies between the offers of the various sportsbooks, but the consensus is similar to this:

San Francisco is either a 1-point or a 1.5-point underdog in the match. This makes their odds anywhere between -110 to -103. The Chiefs are favored by either 1 point or 1.5 points again, having the same odds.

The Money Line markets in the industry have the Chiefs at -125 and the 49ers at +110. The Totals for the match are set at around 54.5. Don’t be surprised if you see some books where it is 53.5 or 55.5, respectively.

A peek at the actual matchup?

Both organizations showed they have the two best teams in the NFL and deserve to be in this year’s Super Bowl.

The Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans at home in the AFC Championship game with a score of 35 to 24. Kansas City fell behind in the first quarter at home, similar to what happened in the Divisional Round versus the Texans. Yet again, Patrick Mahomes and company managed to turn the game around and win it.

To be honest, in the game against the Titans, it never felt like Kansas didn’t have control over the match. Andy Reid was determined to stop Derrick Henry on the ground, and he did. Ryan Tannehill was never a threat through the air, and all the Chiefs’ defense had to do was play good run defense. 

In the other match – the NFC championship game, precisely the opposite happened. The team with the better ground game won. The San Francisco 49ers had to throw only 8 times throughout the whole game, and their running back Raheem Mostert had a whopping 4 touchdowns. 

The Green Bay Packers had absolutely no answer on defense when it came to stopping the run. San Francisco kept the rushing attack going even in the second half when they saw that the Packers never made any adjustments to stop that type of offense. 

Aaron Rodgers’ game never got going as he was running for his life all afternoon thanks to the pressure created by that 49er’s defensive front.

What could have been?

The NFL Playoffs have a unique structure, and things can change based on just one play. The mind-boggling thing is that such a crucial play may not even take place during the playoffs but the regular season.

For instance, had the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs at home in the week 14 very close game, they would have clinched the 2nd seed in the AFC and would have gotten a 1st round bye. This means that Kansas would have hosted the Titans, not in the AFC championship game but the Wild Card Round.

Then had they won that, they would have had to go to Foxboro to square off against the Patriots again. Meanwhile, the opponents of the Baltimore Ravens were going to be completely different from who they played in the Playoffs.

The NFC’s development was even more dramatic. In the last game of the season, the 49ers hosted the Seattle Seahawks in a battle that would determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th seed of the conference. Had the 49ers lost that game, they would have moved down to the 5th seed and would have had to play in the Wild Card Round. Seattle was going to move to the 3rd seed making the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints the 1st and 2nd seed, respectively.

To make things even more dramatic, San Francisco won that match on the last play of the game where Seattle tight end Jacob Hollister was stopped a few inches short of the goal line clinching that 1st seed in the NFC.

Comparing the two sides 

Many people say that this looks like a somewhat surprising Super Bowl matchup, but if you have followed the NFL closely over the past few years, you wouldn’t be caught off-guard.

The Niners 

The 49ers spend the last couple of season rebuilding, and their steady process has finally paid off. They managed to get their hands on some high draft picks and invested these in defensive players (Solomon Thomas, DeForest Buckner, Nick Bosa). 

In fact, these players that we just listed are on the defensive line making the 49ers a nightmare to run against. At the same time, this defensive line provides exceptional pressure against opposing quarterbacks, making them miserable.

On offense, the team invested a lot of money in quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. He started his San Francisco career hot after he was traded from the New England Patriots mid-season. Jimmy G won all of his 5 starts as a 49er to end his first season with the team. He got his monster contract in the off-season but unfortunately tore his ACL during the early weeks of the 2018/2019 season and had to sit it out.

Now he’s back and seems to have lost a little bit of his explosiveness, but it looks like the role of a game manager suits him well. Now Garoppolo doesn’t throw as much, but he also doesn’t put his team in bad positions.

George Kittle and Kyle Juszczyk are “the muscle” of this team. They are the tight end and the full-back and thrive when it comes to pushing people around. It is safe to say that with their help, the running game of San Francisco has really flourished no matter who the running back is.

However, Kittle and Juszczyk are very good pass-catchers as well, making the 49er attack exceptionally versatile.

The Chiefs

It seems like everyone associates Kansas with their nuclear offensive game. But let’s not forget that they have one key piece on defense – Tyrann Mathieu. The free safety can be a gamechanger because of his outstanding playmaking abilities. Mathieu can do it all on defense as he is excellent when it comes to:

  • Playing coverage
  • Rushing the passer
  • Making a tackle against the running back

A move that flew under the radar was the addition of Terrell Suggs on defense. The linebacker can pick up the slack, and this allows Tyrann Mathieu to play with a lot of freedom focusing on the things he can do best.

On offense, it is evident that the mega-star is Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback can do it all, and he demonstrated it last week with his exceptional scramble-run touchdown against the Titans in the final seconds of the first half.

Mahomes can really swing it, and his ball flies with surgical precision and blinding speed. Stopping him may just prove to be impossible for the San Francisco defense.

The other offensive weapons of the Chiefs make them a stand-out group. Travis Kelce is the best receiving tight end in the league, and the likes of Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman round up one of the best and quickest offenses in the league.

Who gets the edge? Our prediction 

Quarterback: Mahomes is definitely the better quarterback here, although it feels like the public is being prisoner of the moment. Garoppolo can make every pass in the game and might just explode during the Super Bowl. Still, the edge here goes to the Chiefs.

Offense: Both teams have outstanding offensive talent. The Chiefs are better at passing game with their core of wide receivers and Travis Kelce at tight end. The 49ers have a lot of power on the offensive line and blocking, making them a fantastic running team. Nobody gets the edge here – tie. 

Defense: As a general rule, whoever dominates the line of scrimmage, has the better game. The San Francisco defense simply has bigger names and creates more pressure at the line. Additionally, cornerback Richard Sherman is having a Pro-bowl season. The Chiefs are good in pass coverage, but we aren’t sure if they can stop the run as effectively. Edge – San Francisco.

Coaching: Without a doubt, Andy Reid is by far the more experienced head coach, but Kyle Shanahan is simply displaying tremendous offensive acumen. Both coaches run versatile offenses, and the edge goes to the Chiefs only because of experience.

Our Pick: Since the two teams are pretty evenly matched, it is tough to pick one of them to win, but the 49ers look like the better defensive team of the two. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh is having a breakout year, and if he manages to stop Kansas’ offense, he’ll make a huge name for himself. We pick the San Francisco 49ers to be this year’s Super Bowl champion.


Where to place your Super Bowl 2020 bets 

We have handpicked some of the best offers you have at your disposal when it comes to betting the Super Bowl online.

Super Bowl 2020 – 2021 Top Sportsbooks to Bet On

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1. Betting the Super Bowl at William Hill 

williamhillWilliam Hill has been big come Super Bowl time for many years back. This year, they don’t disappoint again as the bookmaker is primed to offer dozens of exciting prop bets alongside the main markets that are currently available.

As usual, William Hill won’t offer a special Super Bowl bonus to customers but will come through when we talk about betting on all sorts of things related to the biggest match in the USA for the year.

The prop bets that players can take advantage of are yet to be fully updated, but currently, we got some popular markets available at William Hill. Some of them are:

  • Coin toss heads or tails
  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • 1st scoring play
  • Total match turnovers
  • Will there be a safety?

All the juicy prop bets are yet to come, and we expect William Hill to offer a full slate. The bookmaker promises they will have bets on which commercial will be the first one to air. Other bets will be about how many times the camera will show commissioner Rodger Goodell, will the president’s name be mentioned, etc.

All in all, players need to stay tuned to find out more about William Hill’s Super Bowl prop bets as the week progresses towards the game. 

As far as the spread and the money line go, William Hill currently offers this:

Team Money line Spread

2. Fanduel Super Bowl Offer 

If you go to Fanduel looking to bet on this year’s Super Bowl, you will be happy to find out that they also offer a wide selection of prop bets. Currently, the only props that you can place a bet on are the so-called player props.

There are yard markets for the biggest stars in the game.

  • Patrick Mahomes – passing yards
  • Jimmy Garoppolo – passing yards
  • Travis Kelce – receiving yards
  • Tyreek Hill – receiving yards
  • George Kittle – receiving yards

In addition to all these, you can also bet on various touchdown markets where you get to predict who will score the first or last touchdown as well as the number of touchdowns in the game.

As things stand, Fanduel still does not have a special Super Bowl promo, but we expect this to be available during next week. Right now, the welcome bonus of the company is pretty attractive, and there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of it if you want to bet on the Super Bowl.

The Fanduel welcome bonus comes in the form of a Risk-Free bet. It is available to new customers only, and what better way to start playing at Fanduel than betting on the championship game.

  • You can receive back up to $500 if your bet loses
  • You will get your bet back within 72 hours after the match
  • The free bet amount cannot be withdrawn or redeemed in any way. It has to be wagered

The main markets that Fanduel has for the match look like this:

Team Money line Spread

3. Super Bowl betting markets at DraftKings

This is the prop bet paradise because DraftKings was quick to offer most of their derivative bets before everyone else. All the prop betting markets related to the match itself are now available to bet on. We still await DraftKings to offer their other prop bets about the anthem, commercials, commentary, etc.

Once you make your way to the Super Bowl page, you will see that depending on their nature, the prop bets are divided into sections:

  • Novelty Props – here you see markets such as “Coin Toss Outcome,” “Player to correctly call the coin toss.”
  • Player Props – examples are “Touchdown scorer,” “To score 1st TD and team to win”.
  • Game Props – “total points odd/even,” “First team to reach 10/15/20 points”, “gave to go to overtime.”
  • Player Props (TD) – there are some fun ones here – “Player to score TD in 1st half”, “Player to score TD in 1st quarter.”
  • Player Props (RB/WR) – these markets were specially designed for the Super Bowl and are not available for most typical NFL games. The two markets currently available are “Player to make home team first reception” and “Player to make away team first reception.”

The main markets for the game at DraftKings are as follows:

Team Money line Spread

4. BetMGM and its Super Bowl offer

BetMGM’s partnership with some European sportsbooks becomes very obvious when the time for the Super Bowl arrives. It’s because of the terminology that they use for their markets. BetMGM doesn’t have “prop bets.” Instead, they are called “special bets.”

In all fairness, the markets found in sections such as “first/last to happen” and “Other” can also easily be categorized as prop bets. Now we will mention some of the more obscure prop markets available at BetMGM.

  • Which team will be the first to use a coach’s challenge?
  • Which team will receive the first penalty?
  • Which team will call the first timeout?
  • How many yards will the shortest touchdown in the game be?
  • Will there be a safety in the game?

We aren’t sure if BetMGM will offer any of the novelty props that other companies will have. Typically, this bookmaker sticks to the game and player props. At this point, there are no special Super Bowl Promos by BetMGM to mention.

If you aren’t into props, you can simply place a bet on the main markets that BetMGM has for the Super Bowl. Here are their 2020 Super Bowl odds:

Team Money line Spread


Super Bowl LV looks like it’s going to be an incredible battle. Everyone hopes for an offensive explosion by both teams, and quite frankly – the game may come down to just one defensive stop. We are here to help you check out where you can bet the match and select the most suitable line or prop bet.

last update : July 2024

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